Please read and accept the following terms before signing up

Our terms are precise and simple:

Seeing as our main business is trading day and night 24/5 (as evidenced from the MetaTrader login details we have provided on our home page) we don't have stories to tell. Here is a list of what you need to do:

- To invest in our program all you need is a Perfect Money account or Bitcoin wallet with funds in it that you wish to invest. You may use Perfect Money certified exchangers to transfer money in and out of your Perfect Money wallet from other e-currencies, credit cards and banks.

- Before investing please follow instructions on our home page to see how funds are used in real time to get a grasp of what we do. Also visit our Twitter page for daily trade updates that affect the funds we manage. Important: The results you'll see will not be duplicated exactly. Depending on the day's trading session profits may exceed expectations far and beyond or fail to meet expectations. That not withstanding we always use stop losses to protect your funds as best as we can.

- As stated above, sometimes the day's trading results may exceed or fail to meet expectations. Regardless of whether the day's profits are huge or small your daily return will always be guaranteed at 1%. You don't receive more when we make more or less when we make less. The surplus profits from overly profitable days are used in 2 ways: part of it is used as insurance on the investor's deposit for future payments and part of it is our income for providing the profitable service to you.

- Other rules governing the use of our website pertain to use of common sense and respect for other people. Therefore, we won't state them here. We promise to work with integrity and diligence, and we expect nothing less from you.

- Should you have any query or suggestion, we're always here for you, please don't hesitate to contact us 24/7, send us a tweet or join us on Telegram.