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Exponential Forex MT4 Login Details

Important Update:

Dear investors, we've changed the way we present our signal account realtime statistics to you. In the past we sent the login credentials directly to you as laid out below. We've made the whole process a single click away! Comprehensive lifetime stats on our signal account can now be found on our Myfxbook system page found here. Steps 1 to 8 below are therefore only a reference to how we operated in the past and are not necessary in order to monitor our trading activity. Thank you!

Receive 50% of our daily returns on Deposits Above $1000

Exponential Forex is a team of superb and experienced forex traders. We provide profitable trading signals and fund management service. We also sell our trading strategy. We provide MT4 access to our clients so they can see what we're doing and the state of their capital. Funds are managed by superb expert forex analysts with over a decade of trading experience. Please follow the following steps to see real-time how we use funds in trading (no deposit required for trial; we will share our MT4 credentials with you):

  1. Click here to go to our broker's website.
  2. Once there navigate to: Tools > MetaTrader 4.
  3. Download MetaTrader 4 and install it on your computer/laptop/tablet/Mac, etc.
  4. Create an account at Exponential Forex, if you haven't already done so, and set up your username.
  5. Contact us via Twitter using your verified Twitter account and request our MetaTrader 4 login credentials (state your Exponential Forex username in your message).
  6. We will send you our MetaTrader 4 login credentials within 6 hours. You can then use them to log into the MetaTrader 4 platform. Users who have signed up but haven't requested for MT4 credentials will have them emailed to them within 24 hours by our team.
  7. Once logged into MetaTrader 4 navigate to: "Trade" (to see open and pending orders) or to "Account History" (to see history on orders closed in the past, deposits, withdrawals and profit/loss). History is shown for the past one month.
  8. Now you can monitor our trading in the real Markets. You have up to 15 days to use our MT4 credentials without making a deposit at Exponential Forex. New passwords are generated every 15 days and sent to clients who have made a deposit in our program. If you don't deposit within 15 days the new passwords won't be sent to you.

NB: visit our Twitter page for daily trade updates that affect the funds we manage or join our chat group on Telegram.

That's about it! Now let's get back to business. We like to be precise and nimble. And here are a few more reasons to invest with us:

  • Principal withdrawable any time

  • 1% referral commissions

  • 0% fees on deposit & withdrawal

  • $10 minimum deposit

  • $0.01 minimum withdrawal